Playlist Monday: For All Those Fallin’ Leaves

Finally Fall has officially begun. It’s time to cover yourself in layers of sweaters and scarves, breathe in crisp air, and sip all the Pumpkin Spice your wallet can afford. Whether your inside cuddled up with your lover or out enjoying the changing weather and early sunsets, here is a cozy playlist to keep that calm, beautiful Autumn feeling all season long.


1. The Head and the Heart- “Down in the Valley”


2. Fleet Foxes- “Mykonos”


3. Monsters of Folk- “Temazcal”


4. The Paper Kites- “Bloom”


5. Bad Books- ” Lost Creek”


6. City and Colour- “Northern Wind”

7. Neil Young- “Heart of Gold”


8. Bon Iver- “Skinny Love”


9. Ed Sheeran- “Kiss me”


10. Bright Eyes- “First Day of My Life”


11. Jaymay- “You Are The Only One I Love”


12. The Decemberists- “The Hazards of Love 2”

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