Show Review: Arctic Monkeys at the Mann

On September 18th, Arctic Monkeys from Sheffield, England performed a lively show at the Skyline Stage at the Mann Center. The night was cool enough for dancing in a mosh pit and not too cold that you could to stand away from the crowd and enjoy the music. The Walkmen, a local band, opened the show with members from Philadelphia and New York. I’ve never heard of them before and I was fairly entertained by their indie rock sound. They performed original songs from their new album Heaven. Some of the balance was off with the guitar resonating louder than the vocals occasionally, but that was probably the sound engineer’s goof.


Arctic Monkeys entered on a smoky stage and immediately caused a riot while going right into their hit, “Do I Wanna Know?” from their newest album AM. The blue lighting, sound, and energy of the crowd was great. It was especially cute when Arctic Monkeys asked how us Pennsylvanians were doing. Lead singer Alex Turner was very friendly while doing shout outs to the audience yet very badass while jamming out with his classic rocker hair.


They continued to rock the night away with their old songs like “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor” dedicated to the ladies  and “Fluorescent Adolescent” which the crowd sang along with.  The Arctic Monkeys were very intimate with the crowd as they joked that they write a lot of songs about “bricks” before going into “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”.


Overall, Arctic Monkeys put on a memorable show for dedicated fans at the Skyline Stage. Not only were they exciting to see, but they were also very courteous. Anyone who was there that night would welcome Arctic Monkeys back to Philadelphia with open arms.


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