Why “Rock On Philly?”

Dear Readers,

I was at a cocktail party the other night chatting with a finance guy. He was well educated and well traveled and extremely knowledgeable about an array of subjects. However, when we got to the subject of music, he fell horribly flat. “I only listen to what I hear on the radio. I just don’t have time to look for new artists I might like.”

I have had this conversation many times before, with many different people and it is one of the reasons I was inspired to start Rock On Philly to give the general public a place they could go for some musical options, beyond the fast food – like menu of mainstream radio & other media. Could you imagine if the same svelte, devilishly handsome finance guy consumed food the same way he consumes music? I doubt he would be so svelte. Why then are so many people passively subjecting themselves to what corporate America shoves down their ears?

Inevitably, it’s a matter of access. Being music is the reason I wake up in the morning; I can easily spend hours upon hours reading niche blogs and venue calendars for something earlicious. But not everyone has this kind of time or even knows where to begin to look. Most indie music sites are written for people already in the know. Rock On Philly is written for and marketed to everyone. If the mainstream media can do the same with limited, repetitive music content, then we should be able to change the experience of society at large with a balanced diet of music variety- embracing our local Philly talent alongside national and international acts.

Thus, aside from informing music fans, Rock On Philly is also dedicated to helping local musicians get noticed. We believe that great music is great music and that’s why we feature up and coming talent alongside well-known acts. We also believe in bringing career boosting opportunities to Philly musicians, through events, contests, and education. Rock On Philly often partners with other businesses and organizations in these outreach efforts and the resulting cross promotion gives selected musicians a chance to be heard by a new crowd. Just in the past few months, we’ve worked with Reverbnation, Sonicbids, Uber, Techically Philly, The Static Sessions, and Philly Sound Studios, to name a few. Musicians have won recording time, professionally produced music videos, and more. This is only the beginning and more exciting developments will be announced soon.

At the heart of it all, Rock On Philly is here to connect music fans with great artists and great artists with awesome opportunities. We believe in the richness of Philly’s music scene and know that through the power of community, we can make even bigger things happen here.

Thank you so much for your support of Rock On Philly thus far. This is only the beginning!

-Jennifer Logue
Founder & Editor
Rock On Philly

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