Album Review: Into it. Over it. – Intersections

From the moment Into it. Over it.‘s new record starts, you know you are in for something much different than you found on his 2011 release, Proper. Intersections is a step forward for Evan Weiss, from pop punk to indie emo rock, he has brought his superior songwriting skill into an entirely new realm.

This album is written with the same creative skill we have come to know and expect from Evan Weiss. Pulling us slowly into the album on the first song “New North-Side Air,” he tells us, “I laid down last year / traded tobacco for new North-side air / and filled up my lungs with our home.” We are immediately made aware that this might sound different, but that the lyric and storytelling skill is there, and its stronger than ever. The next song “Spinning Thread,” is one of the most catchy on the album, an it seems that the song title might be a reference to all the different parts of the song being spun into one cohesive piece. The album is full of different sounding songs, some sound like math folk rock, while others follow the emo indie route. The mix of all these can be heard on “The Shaking of Leaves,” a song that has a plucking guitar riff with soft singing that turns into low feedback, a killer drum beat, and a symphony of “woah’s.” “Upstate Blues” is an upbeat song that flows between its different parts impressively, from fast to soft to explosive. “Your Antique Organ” is definitely worth a listen, going from almost silence to static behind Evan’s beautiful voice, resulting in a really cool sound.

Intersections was recorded with producer Brian Deck, who has become known for his work with bands such as Modest Mouse and Iron & Wine. Once you take this into consideration, it is no wonder that Into it. Over it. was able to experiment with his more indie sound so easily and to such success. Deck was able to bring through the rawness of the music astoundingly well on this record.

Along with the production quality, the fact that the band chose to leave some of the mistakes they made along the way in the record only makes it even more natural. Intersections is a great record, and you should definitely listen to it all the way through to see how the band has progressed.

Stream the album below via spotify, or find it here.

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