Goldfrapp – Tales Of Us

Since 2000, Goldfrapp has released six studio albums, along with a slew of EPs. The English duo, consisting of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, consistently produces albums that sound completely dissimilar to the previous one, persistently switching between two drastic, almost polarizing, styles. Each individual album is either uptempo, heavily drum driven, and reminiscent of roller disco, or atmospheric and ethereal. The duo’s latest release, Tales Of Us, falls into the latter description.

Tales Of Us is most similar to Goldfrapp’s debut album, Felt Mountain, but sounds as if you are listening while standing in a moor in the English countryside. Soaring strings, airy vocals, and subtle instrumentation overall are reminiscent of English folk music circa 1700.

One track slightly deviates from the formula for Tales Of Us. “Thea” features a prominent beat and synth effects, whilst remaining in the folk influenced aesthetic. The dark lyrics adhere to the style, “Across a starless sky / It cuts like tiny knives / Rain beating down”.

The self-produced album is beautiful; the songs seamlessly flow into one another, there is no jarring shift in sound throughout the work. The ethereal quality is present throughout Tales Of Us, aided by the soprano vocal melodies that are seemingly lacking of emotion.


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