Haim – Days Are Gone

Haim, a trio of sisters from California, have made a splash with their debut album Days Are Gone. The sisters have been making music since a very young age, performing in different acts with their family. Their latest venture, creating an impeccable debut album that fully supports the hype they’ve been receiving leading up to its release, is a complete success.


Their work on Days Are Gone has been likened by various critics to a blend of every popular sound from the late 1980s. You can hear a myriad of influences in their music, including the construction of soft rock, the vocal qualities of R&B, and the overall catchiness of pop rock.


Not a single track on Days Are Gone falls short, which is a feat many artists cannot accomplish on their first release. From the dance inducing bass line and driving beat of “Forever“, to the carefree and happy lyrics of “Honey and I“, the album runs the gamut of emotional aesthetics.


Produced by James Ford and Ariel Rechtsaid, who have worked with Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys, Haim had the aid of the producers who are currently shaping the face of indie rock. The album is polished and slick, which is almost contradictory to the band’s gritty and intense rock’n’roll stage presence. It’s a fantastic listen and absolutely worth your time.


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