Mercury Radio Theater Show Preview

Has the concept of Halloween become entirely too tame for you? Are you less than thrilled at the idea of spending the holiday at mediocre parties, surrounded by people clothed in the inevitable breaking bad reference costumes? Well maybe the time has come to introduce a little good ol’ fashioned surrealism into the holiday this coming Thursday, courtesy of Mercury Radio Theater. They’ll be putting on their Death and Life of the Undead show October 31st at Johnny Brenda’s, in a show that’s pretty much guaranteed to kick your brain in its teeth.

Mercury Radio Theater, an orchestrally infused Math Rock outfit, has a sound that’s a sublime blend of Gogol Bordello, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a really intense nightmare about the circus. It’s the perfect intersection of celebrational and sinister, and with a show co- produced by local Burlesque legend Miss Rose there’s really nothing off the table. They’ll be joined by local three man Rockabilly outfit Full Blown Cherry and the up and coming “extra-terrestrial ska” band Big Skull. Expect dancers, twistedly comedic escapades, and an overarching narrative about an undead 10 year old.

The festivities start this Thursday at 9 PM, upstairs of Johnny Brenda’s. Cover is 12 dollars at the door. Don’t miss out.

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