Playlist Monday- Back To Work: Dedicated to the US Government

Monday can be tough. Getting back into the weekly work groove after a relaxing weekend always seems impossible. Your week ahead is stacked high with lists and responsibilities. After just two days of a break, you feel out of the loop. Try a 16 day break. This week’s playlist is for everyone headed back to work this morning. Dedicated to the US Federal Government for their first Monday back on the job, here is the latest Rock On Philly playlist.


1. Belle and Sebastian- “White Collar Boy”


2. Todd Rundgren- “Bang on the Drum All Day”


3. Bachman- Turner Overdrive- “Takin Care of Business”


4. Toy Soldiers- “Tell the Teller”


5. The Bangles- “Manic Monday”


6. The Ting Tings- “Hands”


7. Bruce Springsteen- “Working on the Highway”


8. Placebo- “Slave to the Wage”


9. Van Morrison- “Cleaning Windows”


10. Bob Dylan- Maggie’s Farm


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