Show Review: New Politics and Thirty Seconds to Mars

On Sunday night, Camden came alive with the sounds of New Politics and Thirty Seconds to Mars. New Politics opened up the show with tremendous energy. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, singer David Boyd showcased his pipes along with his acrobatic dance skills. Without exaggerating, Boyd was doing hand stands, helicopters, moon-walking, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. At one point, he even stood in the pit area held up by about 12 people like he was the top tier in a cheerleading competition. Bleached blonde Søren Hansen had fun on the ukulele and guitar, and he also has a pretty good rock voice which was shown off during “Fall Into These Arms.” Drummer Louis Vecchio kept the exciting energy of Susquehanna Bank Center alive on the drums. “Harlem” captured the playful energy of New Politics and their style, which I would like to call dance rock. They ended the show with their latest single “Yeah Yeah Yeah”., which was a perfect  song to end their set to.

After a slight delay in the program, Thirty Seconds to Mars finally came out onto the stage with “Kings and Queens.” Fans of all ages screamed in delight as Jared Leto let his beautiful hair fly and introduced themselves on stage. Guitarist Tomo Miličević and Drummer Shannon Leto were rocking out since the moment they stepped foot on the stage. Leto revealed that the delay was caused by an interview with James Franco, which threw some fan girls into frenzy, wondering if he was at the venue. The party atmosphere was established by the release of huge, colorful balloons from the ceiling during “This is War.” For the first half of their set, the balloons were thrown about, creating an effect that was like being in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese and in a raging party at the same time.

In the middle of their set, Leto had an acoustic solo moment, performing old favorites by request. “From Yesterday” was up first followed by “Hurricane” and “The Kill.” This was my first time hearing “The Kill” acoustically and it felt more heart wrenching in a good way performed alone. The acoustic session was ended when the band came back to get the crowd fist pumping again for “Closer to the Edge.”

I really appreciate when musicians are grateful of their fans. Thirty Seconds to Mars was definitely all about having fun with their fans. They brought three young kids onto the stage at one point and let them rock out with the band. During the encore, they brought many fans onto the stage as they performed “Up in the Air.” After the show, they signed their latest album LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS at the merchandise table for some lucky fans. Thirty Seconds to Mars put on a great show and also made many fans happy that night. Rock on.

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