Show Review: Sara Bareilles

On Thursday night promptly at 8:30, Sara Bareilles strolled on the stage of Electric Factory to welcome Harper Blynn. This was the first show ever that I saw the headliner come out to introduce the opening band. Harper Blynn is a four man band from New York. They performed their new single “Go” with a great deal of exuberance. They are touring with Sara Bareilles and OneRepublic this year all across the country. Their relaxed and casual rock style was a good match for Sara Bareilles’ fun set.


After Harper Blynn’s set, the drapes behind the stage were removed, revealing a metallic background with many round and square lanterns hanging for a Pinterest worthy configuration. Sara Bareilles came onto the stage with so much excitement that a guy near me spilled his beer. She immediately went into playing “Chasing the Sun” from her newest album The Blessed Unrest. Her energy at the piano was amazing; she stomped her foot along to the beat, standing while playing. Her interaction with the audience was completely uncensored, which was appropriate for rock venue Electric Factory. “Gonna Get Over You” was sung with a beautifully extended cadenza. Sara is famous for her lower range but her higher belts are precise and to die for.


Fans cried out in delight as she played favorites like “Love Song,” “Gravity,” “Uncharted,” and “King of Anything,” which she had the audience sing the intro with her. She’s a real fan lover and there’s no faking that. She’d respond back to anyone who shouted to her and accepted gifts from lucky fans who were close enough to the stage. Sara brought the guys of Harper Blynn on stage with her in the middle of her set and did a cover of “Blood Bank” by Bon Iver. Singing into the same mic, the harmony of her voice combined with male voices was magical. For “Cassiopeia,” she grabbed a set of crash cymbals and went to town on them during the chorus.


She ended her regular set with “Brave” and moved around energetically. Her fans who follow sarabfans on Instagram brought signs that read parts of lyrics from the song and held them up as she sang. I’ve never seen anything like this happen and it was really moving. Sara Bareilles was so fun all night I really did not want to leave. Everything about her performance was perfect and the next time she comes to the Philadelphia area, you will most definitely see me there.



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