The Naked And Famous Rock The Troc

New Zealand’s popular alt-rock band, The Naked And Famous, displayed a charged performance with few lulls Tuesday night at the historic Trocadero Theatre.

Tour mate, The Colourist, opened up the show with fast-paced rock songs and a free spirit that well exemplified their hometown’s atmosphere of Orange County, CA. The band played approximately ten songs, with mild vocals but accentuated beats from female drummer, Maya Tuttle. “Yes Yes” also seemed to be a fan favorite. During the set, Tuttle invited fans to a meet and greet at their merchandise counter after the show, or to just a friend invite on Facebook if people were shy.

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At the end of their performance, The Colourist’s front man, Adam Castilla, had only good things to say about the anticipated following act. “How many times have you guys seen The Naked And Famous?”, he asked. “Well, I’ve seen them more, cause we’re on tour with them, but they get better and better each time, so you guys are in for a good one.”

About an hour later, The Naked And Famous opened up their 15-song set with “A Stillness”, the first track off their new album, In Rolling Waves, which was released September 15. The song showcased lead, Alisa Xayalith’s resonant vocals, not unlike that of Karen O.‘s, but didn’t really touch on the band’s well-known upbeat electric-pop strengths.

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Xayalith greeted the crowd with a warm “Hello Philadelphia!”. Soon enough, fans were blazed by strobe lights and dancing to favorites like “Girls Like You”, “Hearts Like Ours”, and “All Of This”. Many fans had tickets well in advance for this show, primarily because of the band’s catchy electric-rock tunes and light accouterments.

What most people will probably remember from this performance was how during later songs, you could literally feel the bass tremble in your throat and through the theater’s old, wooden floor boards. Maybe it was the theater’s amazing acoustics, but I’m going to give the credit to The Naked And Famous for making it a crowd-pleaser.


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Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete performance without saving the best for last. The band played “Punching In A Dream” with ferocity as their 11th song, and closed the night with their most famous hit, “Young Blood”. Both songs are off their third album, Passive Me, Aggressive You.

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Thanking Philadelphia one last time, The Naked And Famous took a bow and exited the stage. Fans lingered, reluctant to leave in case of an encore, but no one was brave enough to start a chant.

For something to look forward to, The Naked And Famous will start an American Arena tour, “Into The Night” with Imagine Dragons in February 2014! Also, if you’ve never seen a performance at The Trocadero Theatre, you should go, because the acoustics really are amazing.

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