Uncle Cookie Talks Philly

Hey Cook, I’ve been following you for years, but some of the folks reading this may not know you. Let’s start with a proper introduction. Who is Jason “CookBook” Soto and what’s he all about?

Jason P. Soto, also known as CookBook is an entertainer who raps, produces, sings, clowns around, & loves making people smile. I come from a crew called LA Symphony, who made a name for itself in the early 2000’s on the west coast. I’ve put records out with LAS, & my partner in rhyme, UNO Mas (also an LAS member). These days, I out out lots of solo projects, & raise kids!!!

Tell us about the new EP. To me, it’s the most real and raw thing you’ve ever done. How’d you put it all our there this time?

You know, I’ve come to a point in my life where I don’t want to hold anything back. For a long time, I felt like there were certain things I couldn’t say on record cause I feared I would lose a portion of my fan base. I didn’t like not being 100% me on records, & at the same time realized that this group of people isn’t supporting me anyway. My real fans have received this new EP, & they really love what I’m doing. And I love what I’m doing, which is what matters to me the most.

The EP is volume one in a series I call “CBEPs”. With each one, I work with a different producer. This first one, I collaborated with DJ Rhettmatic of Beat Junkies & Visionaries fame. He has a classic, boom bop style that I was really feelin. The hardness & darkness of his tracks catered perfectly to my unleashing the beast lyrically if you will. It was the perfect sound bed to cut loose & be raw honest & aggressive, which is how I was feeling when I wrote the songs.

This site is called “Rock on Philly” and we like to highlight some of what makes Philly an awesome music city. Tell us a story about a time you came through Philly.

You know, I went to Philly only once with LAS, around 2001-2002. It was pretty run of the mill & boring…not Philly! My story is boring! We just did a show, went to sleep, & bounced the next day! The Philly crowd was real live though. Sorry I don’t have anything more exciting!

Philly has a rich musical history and cultural landscape? Who’s your favorite Philly artist and why?

When I was a really young kid, someone gave me some dubbed copies of Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince’s 1st 2 albums. I didn’t know what the heck I was listening to, but I thought it was amazing! As I’ve grown older, I really loved the state property movement, especially my man Freeway! But, my all time favorite??? Hall & Oates, of course!!!

You come from the left coast, where things are a bit different than out here. We’re known for cheesesteaks, hoagies, Ben Franklin, Rocky, The Roots, Will Smith, and throwing snowballs at Santa. What is you hometown known for?

Um, southern Cali? The great weather, of course! In & Out Burgers, bloods, crips, & cholos! Gangsta Rap, Hollywood, Venice Beach, & CookBook!!!

Well, before I let you go, lets talk about your music a bit more. What should we expect from “Uncle Cookie” in the coming months?

CBEP vol. 2 is finished, & will be out in November. It’s titled YES, & it’s entirely produced by my homeboy, Blu. It’s a really really great project! The difference between this & Phantom Menace is YES is filled with a lot more soulful funky samples, & it’s more uptempo & upbeat… so, I’m happier on this one! LOL! I’ll be announcing more details real soon, including some really dope guest features! I’m real excited about this next one! The fans will get to see yet another aspect of CookBook.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with ROP, got any parting words?

Check me out on all the usual social media sites. @CookBookthePR for everything! I talk to everyone for real on all of them! Get that Phantom Menace, out now everywhere digitally! Check out www.musicbycookbook.com, & big ups to Philly! Thanks for checking me out!!!

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