Album Review: Iron Chic – The Constant One

Iron Chic‘s 2012 release Not Like This has some of the best pop punk songs that have been released in recent years. Using a formula that involves creating gritty sing-a-longs that bounce with eagerness, this band has composed their second full length album entitled The Constant One. In classic Iron Chic fashion, the album is a high speed ride that is driven by frontman vocalist, Jason Lubrano.

With their down to earth and inspiring lyrics, Lubrano is offering personal consolation to anyone who listens. If you are in a bad mood, this is your go-to punk band. He faces his own existential and personal crises on the record, and listening to his resolutions makes for a great album that will brighten your day. Lyrics such as ” will get you through any kind of routine, and creative lines like “eat my words, and choke on the meanings” make you appreciate Lubrano’s creativity. In “Spooky Action At A Distance” Lubrano offers romance in its finest form, as he exclaims “You know that time’s a wheel / and if we stand right here / you could see for miles / you could even see for years. / I’ll bleed if I have to! / but I’m never letting go! / Oh no!”. These lyrics are followed by the most awesome riff Iron Chic has written to date.

The music on this album follows Iron Chic’s formula closely, meaning it consists of fast and poppy riffs backed by swift drum fills. It is nothing extraordinarily new, but it doesn’t have to be. Iron Chic has mastered the art of creating relevant and meaningful punk rock that a whole new generations of punk can look to. The band shows how fast they can play on “Prototypes”, offers the unconventional tune “A Serious House on Serious Earth,” and ends the album with the epic and emotional “What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow”.  Following after The Ramones, who cut out all the B.S. that plagued pop music of the 60’s, creating something honest and meaningful, Iron Chic is making punk music relevant and fun in an age that worships over done pop songs about partying.

Pick up the album via Bridge Nine Records, Amazon, iTunes, or bandcamp, and check out Iron Chic at their record release show at the Golden Tea House on November 23rd with Nona +2TBA.

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