Bon Jovi Fills Wells Fargo Center For Because We Can Tour

Bon Jovi still knows how to fill an arena after 30 years of touring. The Wells Fargo Center filled with fans of all ages on Tuesday night and was ready for action. As the lights dimmed, you could hear both men and women let out their war cries. Band members Hugh McDonald, David Bryan, and Tico Torres were greeted with delight, and as Jon Bon Jovi hit the stage, the whole venue went insane. Hits like “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “Runaway,” and “Raise Your Hands” created tons of energy for this three hour show. BJB was smiling every time he looked across the arena and his smile was to die for. He loved every second of being up on stage and it was hard not to swoon.

Towards the middle of the concert, JBJ hand-picked and  brought up a lady on stage who wore a shirt that indicated it was her 200th Bon Jovi show, and let her sing the end of “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” with him on stage. It was especially cute how they hugged like old friends.

At 51 years old, JBJ can still move like he did in his twenties. The band did a snippet of “Start Me Up” and he showed off his moves like Jagger. He made a comment that he isn’t young and can’t move like he used to or like Justin Timberlake but I would say he still has the energy and the moves. I think the full crowd in the arena spoke for itself. Songs like “Born to be My Baby,” “It’s My Life,” and “Bad Medicine” kept the crowd going. During “Have a Nice Day,” the beams of light spinning across the arena were smiley faces like the ones on plastic take out bags.

Livin’ on a Prayer” started off acoustically and the crowd was encouraged to sing along. It was actually pretty magical. After a satisfied smile, the band picked up the tempo and started ripping into the hard electric sound we were dying to hear. Every man, woman, and child were grinning ear to ear, and rocking out as hard as they could. The show ended with “Always,” which happens to be one of my favorite power ballads. Thank you, Bon Jovi, for leaving me happy and voiceless. Rock on.

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