BRONCHO Shakes Up Kung Fu Necktie

On a cold Friday night, Kung Fu Necktie got cozy with Ton-Taun, Vikesh Kapoor, and BRONCHO. I arrived a little late because of an accident on the trolley line. When I finally got to the venue, Ton-Taun was done and Vikesh Kapoor started setting up. A native Pennsylvanian, his solo act was a nice take on modern folk. With a guitar and harmonica, he told intimate stories in style of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. His first album The Ballad of Willy Robbins came out three weeks ago so check it out if you’re into folk ballads. He is currently touring with BRONCHO but plans on returning to Philadelphia for another performance in the near future.


BRONCHO filled up the small venue within seconds of their first song starting. The five-man punk band with lead singer Ryan Lindsey got the audience stomping away with the super energetic drum beats and cool bass lines. The aggressiveness and energy of their music was fitting for the atmosphere of Kung Fu Necktie, which was ornamented in slightly demonic décor from Halloween. The whole night was full of vigor and hype, with encouraging crowd filled with young and older clientele. Try out their album Can’t Get Past The Lips for some energy boost on a slow day and you’ll be head banging along to their groove.

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