Gear Review: The enCore 100 by Blue Microphones

Up until recently, I was only familiar with Blue Microphones in the context of recording. However, with the enCore series, this trusted brand is moving into the live performance arena, producing an array of dynamic microphones to suit every performance situation. I was given the opportunity to try out the Encore 100 a few weeks ago and from a singer’s perspective, here’s what I found.

The Basics:
When you first open the box, you’ll find your microphone, a durable tweed storage pouch, soft- grip microphone clip, and an instruction manual.

Upon first holding the microphone, you’ll immediately notice the quality of its construction. From its heavy-gauge barrel to its reinforced grill, to the gorgeous metal- plated finishes, it really is quite stunning. The CNC- machined grip detail also makes it easy to hold when performing and moving around onstage, which is a must for a lot of singers.

encore 100 blue mic rock on philly gear review

Tech Specs:
Transducer: Dynamic Moving Coil
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 50Hz- 15kHz
Maximum SPL: 147 dB SPL
Output Impedance: 250 ohms
Sensitivity: 1.55 mV/Pa
Dimensions/Length: 185mm/7.3 in
Dimensions/Diameter: 28mm(50mm Max)/1.10in (1.97in Max)
Weight: 0.88 lbs/0.4 kG

Live Test:
After assessing the physical beauty of the enCore 100, it was time to put it to the test at a rehearsal. I perform in a jazz duo that is strictly vocal and piano. It was the perfect setting to assess the quality of the vocals.

I plugged the microphone in with the standard 3- pin XLR cable to my practice amp. (As a side note, the Encore 100 does not require phantom power but will not be harmed should phantom power be used.)

We started out with a song that required a lot of belt technique. I was really impressed by the clarity of enCore 100 in this context. The microphone moved with me effortlessly. There was no feedback. Nothing sounded muffled. My voice was amplified in the most pristine way possible.

Then we flipped the vibe with a slow, low, breathy tune. Would I be as thrilled with the results? I sure was! The Encore 100 once again was as clear as a bell.  It amplified my voice without distorting it in anyway.

I’ve never had this great of an experience with a live performance microphone before. In the past, I’ve always noticed a slight mask of muddiness with the overall sound. With the Encore 100, the muddy layer is gone, letting the vocalist shine 100%.

For more information on Blue Microphone’s Encore 100, visit:

If you’d like to purchase one yourself, click here.

To watch my video review of Blue Microphone’s enCore 100, click below.

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