The Head and the Heart Amaze Union Transfer

The Head and The Heart melted Union Transfer to the ground with a stand of applause performance on November 8th. This Folk band drew in quite the crowd selling out two nights of back to back shows. The Head and the Heart are on tour promoting their sophomore album, Let’s Be Still, which just released mid-October.

Starting the night with “Shake” and “Homecoming Heroes,” The Seattle-made band proved that this show was worth the ticket. Their melodies piled on top of layers of beats and strums creating something untouchable, something that was of pure art. Later in the show they showed they could master the line between performance and interaction, as the audience sang along to gem on their first album, “Lost in My Mind.” The most chilling song played that night was “Rivers and Roads,” in which the whole crowd stood awestruck, absorbing the pure angelic vocals that were packed full of vulnerability.

If you haven’t heard of The Heart and the Heart, you should check out them out. Although they seemed to arrived in the midst of a folk band craze, this folk band has a uniqueness about them. Whether it be their amazing talent, or the excitement and joy for music that radiates from each member of the band, The Head and the Heart are exceptional.

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