Show Review: Cherie Currie at The Barbary

On 11/15, The Barbary in Fishtown filled up with a rowdy crowd for headliner Cherie Currie and her band.  The bar was packed for the show before 10pm hit. Former lead vocalist of the girl band The Runaways, Currie was a teenage rocker in the 70s working alongside Joan Jett from the Philadelphia area. Currie put her years of rocking out hard to work on the Barbary stage. The small venue provided a great view of the stage and allowed fans to interact with Currie. In a cute moment before Currie began to perform, she announced that her son was the drummer of the band. Kicking off her performance with hits from The Runaways, like “Cherry Bomb” and “Queens of Noise,” and her solo song “Since You Been Gone”, the crowd continued to jump and dance all night. It was seriously hard to find stable ground because the floor was bouncing so hard. Currie’s voice resonated all over the building and out into the streets. So many people were excited to see their childhood rock hero so close and live. The party didn’t stop all night. I give her props to her for keeping the crowd alive just as she did in the 70s. Rock on.

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