Album Review: Lorde – Pure Heroine

The thing about Lorde is that we don’t even need to mention her age. She’s just plain good. She’s burst onto the music scene and filled a role that we didn’t even know was missing: the bored yet enchanted teen. She rolls her eyes at the Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece and reveres them at the same time. After her recent feature in Rolling Stone, her popularity has skyrocketed as listeners understand that her debut album Pure Heroine is just as good as her single “Royals,” and maybe even better.

With a mesmerizing and, dare we say it, deep voice, Lorde’s fresh energy fills every song of the album and introduces something refreshing in a year that’s been bombarded with pop hit after pop hit. This is pop, but it’s not formulaic. With a style similar to Lana Del Rey and even Adele, Lorde showcases her skills. Album highlights include the inimitable single “Royals,” which sounds even better in the context of the whole album, and “Ribs,” a masterful work of the unique voice layering Lorde seems to have conquered so early. Her work has a clarity and simplicity to it that moves the focus to the music rather than the whole production.

This ten-track debut sounds like the teenage nights we always dreamt about, the nights driving late with the windows down, and yet it doesn’t feel like every other teen pop sensation we’ve come across over the past ten years. It’s got grit and unexpected gravity; she doesn’t show off here, she’s just doing what comes naturally. Her edgy, unpretentious, and blunt voice is a welcome one to the pop scene and this is an impressive debut promising an exciting career.


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