Album Review: Their / They’re / There – Analog Weekend

Their / They’re / There is the new emo super group made up of Evan Weiss (Into it. Over it.), Mike Kinsella (Owen, Cap’n Jazz, American Football), and Matthew Frank (Loose Lips Sink Ships). Bringing together all of their unique yet overlapping skills, these three guys have been creating some of the most technically proficient and “in your face” emo rock of the year. Over the past few months the band has been touring the world in addition to releasing two EP’s, the latest being Analog Weekend.

The first thing we hear on the album is Weiss’ distorted voice, deep bass, and Kinsella’s shrieking spastic guitar lines on “Curtain Call”. This track is loud and filled with feedback, making it overall the most raw song on the album. The instruments don’t stop moving, making it a crazy three minute long rager. Sure to be a crowd favorite live. “New Blood” is full of even more intricate guitar riffs that push and pull the song through the thoughts of Evan Weiss as he sings “It’s always you and I, alone / Pillow-talking patience / Evening operations / It’s always you and I, alone / just traveling through stations / frequencies and faces / It’s always you and I, alone.” The track dips and dives fluently between lullabies and unwinding math riffs, making it stand out as the most innovative on the EP. I’m not quite sure how Mike Kinsella manages to play “Travelers Insurance” so tight. The riffs are insane, and he keeps up the speed and complexity for entire verses. This straightforward math rock song blows up with drums and bass in epic fashion before being brought right back down to earth with swift drums, more mind blowing guitar, and a great hook. During the final explosion on the album, Weiss exclaims “Washed out in static through our lives /I simply conjured the substance while you got high.”

This EP is only one of the first releases from the new emo group Their / They’re / There, and they already have a tight, well thought out sound. The songs they write are catchy, loud, fun to listen to, and easy to appreciate in terms of skill and creativity. Hopefully Analog Weekend is only a small taste of whats to come from Their / They’re / There.

You can pick up Analog Weekend through Polyvinyl Records or Topshelf Records. Below, watch a music video for “New Blood” and stream the EP through Spotify. Check out Their / They’re / There playing First Unitarian Church Friday December 20th with Mansions, Birthmark, and Marge. Get tickets here.

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