Best of the B Sides: “The Sun”

New Zealand’s The Naked and Famous made a big impression when “Young Blood” was blaring from every radio station in 2012, but to tell the truth the rest of Passive Me, Aggressive You is better than the single. “Young Blood” is super catchy and it’s clear why it got the most attention, but the whole album is bursting with a raw, visceral energy that sometimes turns the tone a little dark. Surprising after the bounciness of the single. I wasn’t too keen on listening to the rest of the album when I heard “Young Blood”. I liked it fine, but it was everywhere, and that fueled some reluctance. But after a friend sang their praises, I gave The Naked and Famous a try, and the album is not at all what you’d expect.

In my opinion, the standout track is “The Sun.” There are plenty of great tracks I could choose but “The Sun” is downright beautiful. It’s a slow build, and it brings to mind Phoenix’s master track “Love Like a Sunset” from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. “The Sun” is a well-crafted, extended escalation that has a sweet payoff and proves that these guys are well worth the hype of their single. It’s been used in a handful of television shows, so it might sound familiar (Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood). It’s a really charged song, and it keeps surprising at every turn.

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