BSMG’s Live & Local Hits The Hard Rock Café

Wednesday night Broad Street Music Group presented their “Live & Local” showcase at the Hard Rock Café.  Bringing together 4 different performances, “Live & Local” presented a small bit of the amazing undiscovered talent of the Philadelphia area.

The night began with singer and songwriter Ben Kessler. This mega-talented 15-year-old played the guitar with such ease, plucking the strings with seemingly effortless rhythm, doing justice to covers such as Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” and John Mayer’s “Neon,” along with three of his own originals. Ben Kessler ended his set with a breathtaking John Butler instrumental: “Oceans,” giving the audience a taste of what undiscovered Philly talent is all about.

Platinum Mustache took the stage second, rising the energy levels throughout the Hard Rock. At first the set seemed soulful, then the rock kicked in, and then the funk layered on top of the Rock, creating this mixture of genres that was packed full of passion. Platinum Mustache’s musical diversity throughout just one song was something unique and kept the audience excited. The band was definitely a crowd pleasure, having the audience smiling throughout their whole set.

The Burgeoning was up next, bringing their four-man band on stage. The band had great stage presence, with their fun quirky personalities shining through each song. The Burgeoning mixes together distinct Alt. Rock with flawless Indie vocals. They seemed so natural and at ease on the stage, playing together tightly as if they had been playing together for many years.

The finale of the night was Former Belle’s performance. Bruno and his shaky, chilling vocals blended together perfectly with the band’s instrumental, bringing emotionally driven indie folk into the Hard Rock. His honesty and passion that filled each song is what made Former Belle’s performance so unique. Not only is Former Belle’s music raw, but also it is completely pure. Their music has this intensity about it that keeps the listener wanting to hear the next song.

Broad Street Music Group went above and beyond bringing some amazingly unique talent to the Hard Rock Cafe. The big question is, what undiscovered talent will the next showcase bring forward?

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