Communion Club Night at the Underground Arts

On December 5th, the Underground Arts at 1200 Callowhill Street hosted Communion Club Night, a monthly showcase for up and coming musicians of various genres held in many countries. One of the creators of the organization is Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons.   The Underground Arts welcomed Rosco Bandana, Lucy Stone, Song Dogs, Mo Lowda & The Humble, Former Belle, Ali Wadsworth, and Brown Sugar for their December lineup.

The basement venue was decked out in holiday colored lights, candles, and festive ribbons as the viewers mingled with musicians at their respective merchandise tables. There were multiple stages set up for different acts to provide a seamless performance lineup and less downtime. The range of music seen on this night was compelling, from jazzy to country rock. On every stage, there was something new to see, and it was a great way to discover new artists and enjoy live music all night.

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