Documentary Celebrates The Music Of “Inside Llewyn Davis”

Music and film: entertainment has no two finer allies. Written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, the film Inside Llewyn Davis features an impressive ensemble of folk music. Produced by the incomparable T Bone Burnett, the documentary helps to tell the story of a struggling folk singer (played by Oscar Isaac) living in New York City’s Greenwich Village in 1961. Burnett, alongside the Coen brothers and Scott Rudin, also produced a live concert to laud the music in the film and folk music in general. Filmed at New York City’s Town Hall a few months ago and the event premiered as a Showtime network documentary on December 13. Directed by Christopher Wilcha, the documentary Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating The Music Of “Inside Llewyn Davis” mixes behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage with choice performances from the Town Hall concert to a mesmerizing effect.

Renowned musicians and lesser-knowns alike came together for this special tribute to folk music, resulting in a documentary that is more than captivating. The progressive bluegrass Punch Brothers were prominently featured, and rightfully so. The quintet is absolutely stellar and clearly in their element throughout the rehearsals and during the live concert, especially when performing “The Auld Triangle” with Marcus Mumford. Watching the seriously fantastic Rhiannon Giddens passionately belt out the traditional Gaelic number “S’iomadh Rid The Dhith Om/Ciamar A Ni Mi” (despite not understanding one word she’s singing) is breathtaking. As is The Milk Carton Kids’ flawless harmonization while rehearsing their song “Snake Eyes,” which left everyone in the room (namely Burnett, Mumford, Chris Thile of Punch Brothers, and the Coens) in awe. Organic moments like this highlight the sheer talent of the musicians featured and the mutual respect and admiration they all have for one another, and that’s what makes Another Day, Another Time completely charming. If Inside Llewyn Davis is half as entertaining and inspiring as this documentary, shelling out the cash to see the film in theaters will be well worth it.

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