Exclusive Interview with Lily & the Parlour Tricks!

Lily and the Parlour Tricks have so much soul in their music, they have the power to transport you back in time. Drawing from a range of bluesy, smokey, influences, their music is The Black Keys meets The Boswell Sisters meets Billie Holiday. I got to chat with Lily herself over Skype this week about a range of topics, including the story behind the video for “Murder Song,” getting “Belle Gunness” placed in a BMW commercial (so cool!), recording at the legendary Daptone Studios in Brooklyn, chocolate chip cookie baking, literature, and the best places for an award- worthy cup of Java. (Barista Parlor in Nashville & Baltimore Coffee in Maryland, holla!)

If you haven’t heard this band before, stop what you’re doing and check them out now! I’ve included a link to their song, “Belle Gunness” here.

The full interview with Lily is posted below. Be sure to catch the whole band the next time they’re in Philly. They’ve performed at Underground Arts and North Star Bar in the past and have nothing but love for our city.

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