I’ve Been Revived!: Viv and the Revival Play @ Hard Rock

There is no better place to be on a Friday night in Philly than a concert at the Hard Rock Café on Market Street, especially when it features local talent. The Gun’N’Roses’ guitar, Marvin Gaye’s silk robe, and Elvis Presley’s gem decorated jumper are just some reminders of the great musical talents from generations before that hang on the wall of the café.

On concert nights at the Hard Rock, the venue becomes more than a museum of music from the past, the venue becomes a platform for local artists to showcase their music. On December 6th,  three bands were scheduled to play, but one band was the main attraction for this musical affair. Viv and the Revival, composed of four members from Philly and New Jersey, have created more than just a sound, they have created a genre that has a little bit of everything in it. Fog filled the stage and after the mist cleared, there stands Viv (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Derrick (Bass), Jake (Rhythm Guitar) and John (Drummer), ready to revive the audience.

Welcome to a Good Time” was the first song and my favorite out of all the songs performed at the concert. The band’s energy was so high that it was contagious. The more excited the band became, the louder the crowd grew. The energy shook the building, literally. It was like listening to Maroon 5 with a little KISS in the background. It was an awesome experience.After the concert, the crowd still was craving for another taste of Viv and the Revival. So the band gave in and performed one more song for the crowd. 

Viv and the Revival was one of the best live concerts I’ve experienced. I recommend that if you’re looking for great music and authentic artists, check out their website at http://www.vivpmusic.com/ and interact with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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