My Favorite Things About The Sound of Music LIVE

It’s much easier to criticize something than sing its praises, especially when it comes to writing. The majority of the reviews that I’ve seen so far of “The Sound of Music LIVE” have been pretty negative and so for this review, I’m going to focus on what  I liked about this historic live theater production.

1. NBC went out on a limb and tried something new.
Staging a live theater event on national television is no easy task and it surely isn’t cheap! It would have been easier for NBC to fall back on more traditional formats, like Reality TV or simple air the original 1965 movie, but the network committed to giving viewers something different. 18.5 million viewers got a taste of a Broadway experience on Thursday night and who knows, maybe a few new fans were recruited in the process.

2. Ridiculously talented Broadway Actors were given a national audience.
Christian Borle played Max Dettweiler to slimy yet lovable perfection. Audra McDonald was simply majestic as Mother Abbess. Laura Benanti portrayed Elsa Schraeder with such finesse and feeling, it was sad to see her character go! A national audience was given the chance to see these actors shine in their chosen medium. There’s hope for network TV yet.

3.  Carrie Underwood sang beautifully.
Let’s face it. This whole project would not have happened without an internationally- known pop star in the lead role.  Carrie held her own as Maria and sang beautifully. I was actually very impressed by her vocal range. It isn’t easy jumping from pop- styled singing to musical theater and she did it. In addition, performing the role of Maria requires a bit of innocence and old school class. Could you think of any other current music star who displays both of these attributes? Nope. Didn’t think so.

4. Audra McDonald singing “Climb Every Mountain.”
Just watch this. Simply breathtaking. Even Carrie got emotional! 🙂

5. The little things: Elsa’s Outfits!
I can’t help it but I love fashion- especially 1940s fashion! Elsa’s wardrobe was dynamite in The Sound of Music Live. In my holiday shopping this year, those fabulous looks will definitely be a source of inspiration.

rock on philly laura-benanti-sound-of-music-400x300

This production cannot be compared to the 1965 movie with Julie Andrews because it’s a completely different animal. You can’t compare a live stage performance captured on camera to a film, especially a film that is so iconic. Overall, judging this work as its own distinct entity, I thought it was well done. Did you tune in on Thursday night? What did you think of “The Sound of Music LIVE?”

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