SURPRISE!! Beyonce releases her 5th Album on iTunes Thursday night!

In the midst of being on tour, having a family, and embracing veganism for the month of December, superwoman Beyonce has released her 5th album on iTunes tonight- WITHOUT WARNING! While many of us struggle just to squeeze in a morning workout or simply get laundry done, Queen Bey has delivered a happy holiday surprise to the world in the form of 14 tracks and 17 videos, in what has been described as a “visual album.” Where on earth does she find the time? And how on earth does she do it all so fabulously? Amaze balls.

Here is a track listing for ya’ll! You can buy BEYONCE by Beyonce at this link for $15.99.
1.) Pretty Hurts
2.) Haunted
3.) Drunk in Love (featuring Jay-Z)
4.) Blow
5.) No Angel
6.) Partition
7.) Jealous
8.) Rocket
9.) Mine (featuring Drake)
10.) XO
11.) ***Flawless
12.) Superpower (featuring Frank Ocean)
13.) Heaven
14.) Blue (featuring Blue Ivy)

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  1. Miss Elisa K.

    December 13, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    I wish I worked at Rock On Philly so i could downlaod and listen to Beyonce all day 😉

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