The Best of Philly Rising – Open Mic Winners

The Philly Rising open mic is a weekly event hosted by Boy Wonder showcasing Philadelphia local talent, held at the World Café Live every Monday night starting at 7:00pm (with sign-ups starting at 6:30pm). Along with their weekly open mic, Philly Rising also hosts a monthly Best of Philly Rising showcase. During each showcase, one artist from each week’s open mic throughout the course of the month is chosen to compete for prizes against other artists that have also cast themselves into the spotlight. The Monthly Prize Package includes recording time for 1 song or up to 3 hours, whichever comes first, provided by Cambridge Sound Studios.

In August, the winner of the Best of Philly Rising showcase was the three-piece self-described Americana/Folk-rock band The Vulcans, who are based out of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and have been active since 2010. The brains (or voices/harmonies, I should say) behind this band are Nick Lindsay, Aaron Spangler, and John Thomas. Members of Vulcans bring their diverse vocals and musical abilities to the table, thus providing the listener with a dynamic soundscape of “alternating lead singers and shifting instrumental arrangements, allowing for a diverse but cohesive sound” which is sure to please the listener who can find their debut album “Shadows”, available for purchase, here.

September’s winner was Religion and Rocketry, another three-piece band from Medford, NJ. Religion and Rocketry is composed of three siblings – Caleigh Williams, Shaina Arb, and Zach Williams.They describe themselves as an rock/alternative band, citing influences such as Coldplay, The Civil Wars, and Lady Antebellum – drawing from all of them to create their unique and distinct sound. The band recently released a new EP, “Tangents,” which is now available on both their website and iTunes for your listening pleasure.

Finally, the standout (and winner) of October’s showcase was Camille Peruto, a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from southern New Jersey who has an “angelic voice, marked by both vulnerability and extraordinary control” which is a huge part of what makes her music appealing and relatable. Camille has “to date written somewhere between 150 and 200 songs” which is an impressive feat for someone who began writing songs at just around 13 years of age.  Among her many influences, she cites Sara Bareilles, Dido, The Beatles, and Lana Del Rey along with several others and if you listen to her songs the influences are evident, but she still retains her own sound. If you are interested in hearing Camille’s music, her album “Sparrow” is available on iTunes now.

Check out these winners, and World Cafe Live on Monday nights!

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