5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Take Off! Flexitone Records Launch Party

No, this is not NASA and there is no special mission taking off into space, but there is something launching right here in Philly. In case you didn’t know, there’s a new record label on the block and its already doing some pretty amazing things.

On Friday night, Flexitone Records had their launch party at Legendary Dobbs featuring artists such as Ashley Leone, The Sunset Villains, and Ill Doots. I got the chance to talk to some of the artists along with David Ivory, founder of Flexitone Records.

Flexitone Records (being named after a modern percussion instrument that is used for special effects in music genres such as funk and/or pop) is a brainchild of Grammy-nominated engineer and producer David Ivory. His name may sound familiar. He has worked with notable artists such as The Roots, Silvertide, Patti LaBelle, and Halestorm. Ivory has been in the music industry for twenty five years.

Ivory tells Rock On Philly exactly why he started the label and what he is trying to accomplish with the label. “I’m a producer and I have a lot of good bands. And there’s power in numbers, so why not put them all together,” said Ivory.
He explained that all his bands bring something different to the table. No two bands are alike, but each one brings in a wider audience.

Which is one of the main goals of his label: having the ability to appeal to a lot of people. “The ability to write good songs that appeal to a lot of people and the ability to perform very well live,” are the qualities Ivory said he’s looking for in artists.

When asked what makes Flexitone stand out from others, Ivory replied, “Because of the in-house production, and we have a small roster where we can pay attention to the bands.” He explains that unlike most labels that send out the music to get production and other things done, they offer it right there at the label, in the studio.

Ivory wasn’t the only person that had something to say about Flexitone that night. Ashley Leone, an artist under the new label, gave Rock On Philly a first-hand account of how artists are treated.

“He’s (Ivory) helping me create my sound and found the direction I want to go in as an artist.” Leone continued “I see myself opening up for some national acts soon and growing as an artist and climbing up the ladder.”

Ivory would like to see his bands having some radio success, meaning that their songs are getting played on a regular basis, locally and nationally. He hopes to have most of them touring within the next year. “I still believe in radio, it still talks to the masses,” said Ivory in his final thoughts.

The party was truly a place to be. For more information about David Ivory, Flexitone Records, and Ashley Leone and other artists, check out these links: www.flexitonerecords.com, www.ivoryproductions.com, and www.ashleyleone.com.

You can take SEPTA to The Legendary Dobbs: 304 South Street by taking Route 40 to the 2nd St. and Lombard bus stop.

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