Album Review: Anthony Green – Young Legs

Anthony Green has been one of Philly’s favorite local musicians for years now, gaining popularity from his energetic frontman role in Circa Survive and The Sound of Animals Fighting and his equally entertaining solo albums. On Avalon and Beautiful Things, Anthony took a more linear path, but on his newest release Young Legs he breaks out of the box ecstatically. He offers many more song structures, and songs that have many more instruments than an acoustic guitar. In addition, his voice and song writing ability seem to keep getting better.

The album begins with “Breaker,” a spacy yet driving song that welcomes you into the much more full and thought out sounds of Anthony Green. In “Young Legs,” Anthony creates an intense feeling of nostalgia matched by a slow churning beat that leaves the listener in a state of awe-inspired desire. “100 Steps” is one of the best on the album, with a smooth guitar riff that intertwines with a beautiful piano line as Anthony analyzes the constant difference in perception among people and some of his own self-proclaimed faults. His voice on this song in particular will swoon you beyond belief. The album gets a little weird with “Anytime,” which has a funky groove and a sweet chorus of “Anytime you want me I’ll be there / Anytime anytime now.” Even some of the more straightforward songs, like “Conversation Piece” remind us of the stripped down sound that got us into Anthony Green’s solo stuff in the first place. There’s something beautifully simple about a man putting himself out there with nothing more but his voice and a guitar. In “Shine” we hear the echoing vocals that layer Anthony’s songs so well, this time its a grandiose line saying “Can’t believe the things we’ve seen but I can tell it’s going nowhere, I swear / What did you see in that dream, I can’t believe it’s happening, I swear.” Anthony gets really personal on “You Have To Believe It Will Happen,” which is an epic song that is representative of how thoughtful the questions and answers Anthony goes through on this album are.

Young Legs is another fantastic production from Will Yip and Studio 4. His ability to make the music sound crisp, honest, and full enables amazing musicians like Anthony Green to thrive and get closer to reaching their full potential. The collaboration between Yip and Green made for one awesome experimental album.

Listen to Young Legs via Spotify below, download it from iTunes, or pick it up physically here. Anthony will be touring Europe in February and March before returning for a pair of shows with The Sound of Animals Fighting at The Trocadero on March 20th & 21st. You can find tickets here.

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