Album Review: La Luz – It’s Alive

It’s mid-January. It’s cold and dark and dreary. You’d probably give your left leg to be out of the office and on a beach somewhere, but that’s not happening anytime soon. So loosen up and relax with help from the surf-rock quartet La Luz. The Seattle girl group’s debut album, It’s Alive, is easy-listening retro surf-rock through and through. It’s easy listening, yes, but It’s Alive isn’t very auditorily striking—it’s not boring, but it’s not too exciting either.

For the most part, the album sounds like the songs you put on as the party winds down and things mellow out. It’s Alive is cool and calm, though not exactly stimulating. Peppy tracks with steady-paced guitar riffs and lovely harmonizing vocals, like “Big Big Blood” and “Sure As Spring,” are about as upbeat as It’s Alive gets. It all feels a bit like background music, albeit delightful background music, but background music nonetheless. Nothing really gets stuck in your head or begs you to press “repeat.” It’s not that It’s Alive isn’t good, it’s just not very—well, lively.

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