Album Review: Warpaint – Warpaint

The self-titled sophomore album from the alternative lady rockers of Warpaint hits you like a whirlwind. The Los Angeles foursome consisting of Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass),  Stella Mozgawa (drums), Emily Kokal (vocals), and Theresa Wayman (guitar) took four years to work on connecting more with each other as a band before releasing this follow up to their debut album, The Fool. The time they took seems to have been totally worth it, as the group sounds more cohesive, more in sync, and more centered on Warpaint.

The album as a whole sounds like the music you’d hear in a dreamlike state. Each song is a combination of lightweight, wispy vocals and overtones meshing seamlessly with solid, tried-and-true rock rhythms. There’s great chemistry between the vocals and percussion on “Hi” and the result is hypnotic. “Teese” and “CC” are sensual and soft, while tracks like “Disco//very” and “Keep It Healthy” are harder-hitting. Warpaint is eclectic and diverse—it’s frothy, but it has a kick. This album–and this group–has some edginess that is worth acknowledging.

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