Album Review: You Blew It! – Keep Doing What You’re Doing

Florida-based emo punk group You Blew It!‘s newest album Keep Doing What You’re Doing was recently leaked on the internet, and the band handled it in the most rational way possible. Posting the album themselves for sale prior to the planned released date via Topshelf Records. With all the hype surrounding the album, it is not surprising to hear fans literally couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. With its early release, Keep Doing What You’re Doing shows listeners that You Blew It! is stepping their game up.

You Blew It! blends some awesome components of emo, grunge, and punk together on their newest release. Heavy bass that keeps the grounded beat going is layered underneath pure and ever changing guitar riffs. “Match and Tinder” starts off the album swiftly and with the well thought out lines “Don’t take this the wrong way / I know you can’t relate / to feelings you don’t have personally”. Lyrics inspired by pure angst and broken friendships fill the album, and vocalist Tanner Jones leaves everything out on the floor. In “Award of the Year Award” he belts the line “You can always consider me a friend / just strictly in the past tense”, shutting the door in the face of past friends while the bass keeps the song moving along. “Regional Dialect” contains more of the heart-wrenching realizations on personal matters as Jones’ gritty voice acts as your conscious yelling: “This isn’t how it should be / but these are the choices that you’re choosing” over a building chorus of spacious instruments. The thrashy “House Address” is sure to be a favorite live, with an absolutely blown up and ambient ending. All in all, this album is a jolty ride that faces things we’d rather forget. But on Keep Doing What You’re Doing, You Blew It! helps us remember these things and deal with them head on.

For me, the You Blew It! we hear on Keep Doing What You’re Doing falls somewhere between Algernon Cadwallader and Balance and Composure. They blend heavy riffs with somewhat twinkly guitar lines and gritty vocals that results in something that is equal parts beautiful and tarnished. They’re grounded, but aren’t afraid to mess around and have fun with it too. Great music to drive to, and even better music to see live where you can scream every word right back at the band. It’s worth noting that this album was produced by Evan Weiss (Into it. Over it.) and engineered by Matt Jordan (Stay Ahead of the Weather) at Atlas Studio in Chicago.

You Blew It! will be coming to The Fire  on February 9th, playing with Prawn and Marietta. Get tickets here.

Listen to Keep Doing What You’re Doing via bandcamp and order it from Topshelf Records.

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