Best of the B Sides: “My Song 5”

So HAIM‘s bringing back (or maybe starting) something that is absolutely incredible. They’ve brought a fire and a grace to femme rock that sounds so classic and so educated it makes my head spin. They’ve been compared to Fleetwood Mac quite a lot and it’s a fitting compliment. And, let’s be honest, Days are Gone is a knockout album. I’d heard the singles over the summer and I thought they were great, but I got a little tired. Once I played Days are Gone I realized that these girls pack a really loaded punch. Plus they’re from my hometown of Los Angeles, so there’s an automatic love there.

But let’s talk about “My Song 5” for a minute. It’s gritty as anything  and calls to mind The Black Keys on so many levels. It’s this really grungy and filthy California rock song that oozes through your speakers. Next to the comparative lightness of the singles of the album, such as “Don’t Save Me“, “My Song 5” is where the cojones of this album are. It’s grounding, it shows depth, and after a few listens through the album, it’s an elegant part of the overall picture that shows hints through other songs. Like I said, the rest of this album is pretty light in comparison; it’s true West Coast indie rock, but what’s funny is how you can hear that grounding soul that’s in “My Song 5” in the other songs. Listening to “The Wire“, which Rolling Stone won’t stop raving about, there’s a deep thrum that keeps everything from turning twee. “My Song 5” turns that thrum on blast and I honestly can’t get enough of it. This song is uncompromising, unapologetic, and so darn good. Yet it still has the beauty of HAIM’s vocal talents, with the girls still in harmony and still keeping it sweet in the bridge. HAIM’s got a bit of a hardcore edge, and it’s all laid out in this song. The videos of them performing this song live make me want to be a rockstar. They make it look cooler than ever and it sounds effortless.

Here’s a performance from November 18, 2013, the first time they played “My Song 5” live.

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