Jimmie Lee: America’s poker rocker

Country rocker Lee takes the poker world by storm through music

Songs about poker have been written and composed by numerous artists throughout the years, from the Kenny Rogers country classic “The Gambler” to the Of A Revolution punk song “That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker.” Country rocker Jimmie Lee has also produced the same. Unlike other artists, however, Lee can rightly call himself a “poker rocker” for winning the adoration of thousands of cardsharks and fans across the world.

Jimmie Lee has been in the music industry for quite some time, collaborating with Philadelphia-based Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory (who is also responsible for the careers of Philly artists The Roots, Silvertide, and Patti LaBelle) to produce a more raucous take on country rock songs. Nicknamed “The Jersey Outlaw,” he recently ventured to compose poker songs such as “I’m All In” and “Hit The River Running.” His singles have been especially popular among poker’s avid fans because of its straight-up rock style and Lee’s killer vocals. His songs also received rave editorials from poker magazines like Ante Up, Card Player and Poker Pro.

In many ways, Jimmie Lee’s venture into poker is geared towards those poker aficionados who prefer rock songs over other musical genres. Ask any poker player about their music genre of choice, and they will respond with answers such as alternative rock, punk rock and classical rock. In an article posted on https://poker.betfair.com/, gaming analyst Matthew Pitt argues that listening to (rock) music helps poker pros relax and concentrate during poker matches. “It also has the added advantage of drowning out the table chatter so they can concentrate on playing their own game,” Pitt added. This explains why Lee is such a big hit among poker players and fans who may use a free poker HUD to improve their game, compared to other artists who also released their own poker singles.

With the poker world’s warm acceptance to his music, it’s no wonder why Jimmie Lee has included visits to poker radio shows and tournaments in his promotional tours across the US. As a token of gratitude to his growing poker fan base, he continues to write poker songs, the most recent of which are his latest singles “How The Cards Fall” and “Card Shark.” Lee is also a regular fixture of charity poker events such as the Lupus LA Celebrity Poker Tournament and Poker4Life events.

By writing songs that tickles to the sensibilities of poker’s avid players, Jimmie Lee emerged successful in poker rock music that no one else has ever achieved. With his passion for country rock and poker, people can expect more hit singles from America’s one and only poker rocker.

For more of Jimmie Lee’s music, visit his official website at www.jimmieleesongs.com.

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