Album Review: Graham Colton – Lonely Ones

Graham Colton makes a statement in his new album Lonely Ones, released on January 21st. Unlike his previous works, which were mostly composed of simple guitar work, the Oklahoma-native incorporates more electronic harmony into his already catchy lyrics.

His new sound is very much in the present and  his influence from Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips, who he has been collaborating with, is clear to see. The opening track, “Mixed Up,” starts with a burst of energy. His decision to include a band, Sooner the Sunset, is crucial to the fullness and completeness of the electronic sound on this album. The addition of one more voice adds so much more depth and ambience, fitting perfectly into their style.

Colton’s voice is very intuitive and fits with the different moods in his tracks. His uptempo beats in “Til the Night Runs Out” makes you want to party with him, while you get all sentimental after listening to “Summer to Me.” This album is already on repeat on my playlist. Buy Colton’s album at iTunes or Amazon for great songs to rock out to. He will also be making a stop in Philadelphia with the full band on February 19th at Milkboy in center city, accessible by Septa.

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