Album Review: Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All

Local pop punk four piece Modern Baseball recently released their second full length album, You’re Gonna Miss It All, via Run For Cover Records and Pitchfork Advance. Following their debut album Sportsthe young band continues their swift and fleeting commentary on college kid ails and their new social atmosphere.

Modern Baseball takes their time to slow down on this record, but the best moments come in their creatively written hooks and choruses. You’re Gonna Miss It All is full of half-adolescent & half-adult informed perspectives, an awkward space that the band finds themselves caught in, along with the majority of their current fan base. The lyrics are childish & witty, while still maintaining bursts of anger and firm realizations that lend a sense of adulthood. “Rock Bottom” is the first standout track, with a blink-182-esque guitar riff, along with some of Modern Baseball’s classic feeling-crappy-but-happy attitude. “Charlie Black” has one of the catchiest choruses on the album, filled with woah’s and talk of tragedies, it’s definitely a stand out. In “Going to Bed Now” the band takes on their folkish tendencies head on, trudging through some really cool guitar riffs and interesting vocal deliveries. Talking about “an asshole with an iPhone,” they continue saying “I’ll admit I’m in the same boat / caught between my adolescent safety net and where the world wants me to be / but i never use that as an excuse to treat my friends the way that you treat me”. Modern Baseball is straight up honest on this record, and this song in particular. Continuing the honesty on “Your Graduation,” the band delivers direct exclamations and woes of disbelief with powerful instrumentation. You’re Gonna Miss It All ends with some truly heartfelt words of love with the acoustic “Pothole”.

Modern Baseball will be going on tour with some big name bands this Spring, and with their latest release I wouldn’t be surprised if they start to really make a name for themselves in the national punk scene.

Listen to You’re Gonna Miss It All on Pitchfork, or download/order it from Run For Cover.

You can catch Modern Baseball at a sold out show at The Electric Factory, opening for The Wonder Years, Fireworks, Real Friends, and Citizen.

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