Artist Interview: Joanna Bolme of Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

As a preview to their headlining show on March 1st at the TLA, Rock on Philly had the opportunity to interview Joanna Bolme of Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. Be sure to check out this band hailing from Portland as they rock out in Philly.


ROP: What influence would you say guided you into becoming a musician?

JB:  I guess in high school I got bored with ballet and basketball. When I went and saw The Pretenders, Chrissy Hynde was the first woman I saw play who seemed just like one of the boys.


ROP: Did any style/genre/artist/time period impact the music you create?

JB:  I’m about the same age as Steve so the 80’s were really my time. It was the “college rock” time. Does that exist anymore? Lots of jangly bands that played punk. Reagan was in office, we HATED him.


ROP: What is your favorite Philly venue to play for?

JB: I love playing Philly, the venue doesn’t matter. It’s all about the audience. Philly and Chicago have the best audiences in my opinion.


ROP: What’s the craziest thing that happened while you were on tour?

JB: On this tour, there was a fire in the club after the show in Montreal. We had to grab the gear and run. The Fire dept is kind of slow there.


ROP: Any favorite albums?

JB: All Velvet Underground records, Wipers Is This Real?, Wire Pink Flag, The Rolling Stones Exile on Main St, not particularly obscure but they hold up.


Check out their album Mirror Traffic before you head over to the show at the TLA on Saturday. Tickets are available via Live Nation. The Theatre of Living Arts is easily accessible by Septa.


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