Best of the B Sides: “Landscape”

Florence + The Machine‘s sophomore album is nothing short of epic. The band picked up a few tricks between 2009 debut Lungs and 2011 follow-up Ceremonials. The scope expands dramatically between the two of them and the sound shifts from basement venue to sold-out stadium status. Supremely exciting for me that a popular band of Top 40 calibre is an honestly good band that creates excellent music. We went through a few awkward years without groups like that, but Florence gave me hope. “Dog Days Are Over” did not sound like something that should be playing on the pop radio stations, but there it was. So while Lungs was a refreshing breakout star in 2009, Ceremonials is simply mind-blowing. The main singles, “Shake It Out” and “No Light, No Light“, are superb. The production is grand enough but not overdone, the lyrics are beautiful as ever, and the sound is wholly unique. But there’s a sleeper agent on this album that I’m personally obsessed with.

“Landscape” is an honest b-side. Weird enough, I’ve had it on my iTunes since the album dropped, but going back into the store, it’s only sold on an MTV album. Either way, it’s a great song. Got plenty of the old school Florence + The Machine spunk mixed with the gravity of Ceremonials. There were a handful of cool demos on the deluxe version of Ceremonials and it should come as no surprise that I have a soft spot for demos. There’s an unselfconscious tenderness about them, and “Landscape” has that feeling of just trying something out, but this something is kind of magic. It’s a comparatively simple song, but it’s mostly made of drumbeats. There’s a keyboard giving the base for the sound, but man those drums are good. And Florence, as ever, sounds not of this world.

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  1. Jennifer

    February 3, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    LOVE Florence & the Machine and <3 this song

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