Into it. Over it.’s Stacked Show at Union Transfer

Into it. Over it.‘s stacked tour came to Union Transfer this past Saturday night, bringing together emo crew, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, indie rockers, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, and local bands, Glocca Morra and Hurry. All five bands played high energy sets, marked by their own quirky tone or style. From Glocca Morra’s carefree and raw rock to Into it. Over It.’s tight and refined sound, the crowd’s liveliness grew with each successive set.

Hurry is a local fuzzy indie rock band, consisting of one member from Philly emo group, Everyone Everywhere. Their dreamy style and strong vocal presence certainly grows on you with each hook, each catchier than the last. This is one local act that is definitely worth a listen. Check out a few of their songs on bandcamp.

Glocca Morra really got the crowd going with their quirky loud punk rock. With three shouting frontmen, the band shouted their way through each swift change and twinkly riff with an awesome energy that was met by a crazed crowd. Fans of Algernon Cadwallader will definitely dig this band, especially their live show which set the bar for the rest of the night. Check out their stuff on bandcamp, especially just married.

Next up was A Great Big Pile of Leaves, a four-piece group of indie rockers whose set was characterized by explosive choruses with sing-a-long exclamations. With some skillfully crafted guitar lines, this band kept up the pace and the crowd was moving, all while successfully dodging every stage diver. With their most recent release You’re Always On My Mind and improved live show, A Great Big Pile of Leaves is making a home for themselves in the alternative rock community.

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die was the most unconventional set of the night. This seven-piece band included a synth and cello in addition to two guitarists, a bassist, drummer and vocalist. Their emo and post-rock feel was structured in strange fashions, and they ranged from sounding like Sigur Ros to Brand New. The heavy moments inspired some jumping in the crowd, while the softer songs left fans in awe. Overall, their set was existentially heavy and musically experimental. Listen to their album Whenever, If Ever on bandcamp.

Into it. Over it. put on a set that was composed of an eclectic mix of songs from his repertoire of hard-rocking pop punk and folk. Starting off with the soft “Anchor,” the full band went right into six songs from Proper, followed by a super tight performance of “Upstate Blues” and a few other standouts from last fall’s Intersections. Evan Weiss is a phenomenal songwriter and performer; he made his way through every intricate riff and belting melody with a strong sense of precision. His backing band was on point as well, making every song and atmosphere sound just as it does on the record, and maybe even a little more epic. The almost sold out crowd responded by moshing and crowd surfing, showing their love for some locally-grown emo-punk. Some standout tracks from the set were “Embracing Facts,” “Spinning Thread,” and “Where Your Nights Often End”. Check out the entire set list below, which I was lucky enough to grab after the show.

Stream Into it. Over it.’s latest release Intersections on Spotify below or order it here.


Photo of Evan Weiss by Mitchell Wojcik via Facebook

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