Laura Cheadle: Bruised and Soothed Album Release Party

Anyone who wants to know a great recipe for music, just has to ask Laura Cheadle. She has managed to take a little bit of rhythm, blues, rock, jazz, and country, and then combine them all into one great sound called Bruised and Soothed.

Bruised and Soothed is just another charm to Cheadle’s bracelet of great albums such as Live On, Falling In, and Change (It’s Alright).
“Its bluesy, it’s funky,” Cheadle said. “It was a four year process.” She explains that the music on her new album comes from a past relationship and her journey after the end of it.

“You have to go through some things to be able to write or sing the blues,” says Cheadle. Her song titles vouch for this statement. “Where the Blues Hangs Out”, “Tried to Teach You to Love”, and “Learning to Sleep Alone” are just a few of the catchy tunes on her latest album. Rock On Philly was able to experience one of her live performances recently at the Hard Rock Cafe on Market Street.

The energy was so overwhelming that it spilled onto the sidewalks surrounding the cafe. When Laura Cheadle sings, she sings to her audience; she engages them in the concert with her. As she dances across the stage with her band, the passion in her voice fills the room while the audience went to the floor, feet first!

But passion isn’t the only thing that helps Cheadle create great music. Her family is her band. Her dad, James Cheadle, is on the keyboards, Jimmy Lee (Laura’s brother) is lead guitar, Ben Smith (family friend) is the drummer, while her cousin sings backup for her.

When asked what was her inspiration for music, Cheadle simply said, “My father. I’ve been playing since I was three years old.” It’s an all-family band, which makes it a labor of love explains Cheadle.

With every artist, there’s always some special tradition or ritual they have before performances. “I meditate,” said Cheadle.
Well, it’s working for her, because she rocked the cafe on Friday night. If you want to know more about Laura Cheadle and her great music, check out her website at Don’t forget to purchase her album “Bruised and Soothed.”

Hard Rock Cafe is located on the corner of 11th Street and Market Street near SEPTA Market-Frankford El 11th Street stop and bus routes 17, 33, and 48.

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