A Close Look: Rhythm & Verse Salon at the Daily Grind Cafe

As an aspiring musician, it can sometimes be hard to find people who appreciate the talent and creativity of the craft and performance of art. If you are starting to look for an outlet to share your works, whether it be music, poetry, or visual arts, the Rhythm & Verse Salon, held monthly in Jenkintown at the Daily Grind Cafe, is the perfect place to acquaint yourself with other artists and get resourceful feedback.


I had the opportunity to take a close look at Rhythm & Verse Salon on March 20th . Initially, I just came along with my violinist boyfriend who was hired to play violin at a cafe. As soon as we walked in, we were welcomed by the hosts Susan Robbins and Joanna Leva who explained that the purpose of their salon to create a gathering place for artists to support, appreciate, and comment on each others’ art. Susan explained the history of salons and their importance of keeping it going as artists. The featured artists of the night were Kevin Sloan on violin performing all six movements of Bach Partita and author Kathryn Craft providing readings from her novel The Art of Falling.

The salon was organized in three stages. The first contained performances by the guest artists. The second stage involved setting up in a tight circle, going around and individually sharing art that the artists created, from poems to jewelry. All comments were saved for the third stage, where it became a free-flowing conversation of what we deemed to be art and what each artist did to make their work truly unique. The artists showed genuine care and interest in each others art mediums as they offered and listened to insight.


If you are interested in being immersed for hours in an artistic forum where you can perform your art without judgement, Rhythm & Verse Salon is a great place for you to get involved. In April, they will be featuring jazz musicians from the area as a part of National Jazz Month. For more information, check out their website which posts the next meeting date with announcements about the artists. The Daily Grind Cafe also has a great list of healthy and tasty dining options created by its owner Anthony Schubert and is easily accessible via Septa on regional rail.



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