Rock On Philly Interviews Dean Wareham

For his upcoming show at Boot & Saddle on April 6th with The Vacant Lots, Dean Wareham took time with Rock On Philly for a short questionnaire as a preview of what we expect to be a great show.
ROP: Hi Dean, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. First off, was there someone close to you or a musician you looked up to who guided you into becoming a musician?
DW: No one close to me. I looked at Joe Strummer as a teenager and thought it would be cool to be like him.
ROP: Are there any life experiences you gained from being in bands (Galaxie 500 and Luna) in the past?
DW: Well I hope so. I spent four years in Galaxie 500 and twelve years in Luna so I better have learned something. It’s all in my book, Black Postcards, which perhaps divulges too many life experiences.
ROP: Do you have a favorite venue to play for or a venue that was unforgettable?
DW: Venues are unforgettable for different reasons. I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and remember attending a concert at the Town Hall when I was five years old. So playing there in 2012 brought up strange emotions. Likewise, performing at the Sydney Opera House was amazing. CBGB’s was always exciting, what a great stage that was. Then there are clubs like Sudsy Malone’s Rock and Roll Laundry Bar, in Cincinnati, which is memorable in a different way. Or JC Dobbs in Philadelphia, I remember a drunk guy trying to punch me on stage.
ROP: Are there any musicians you hope to collaborate with in the future?
DW: I am planning an album of cowboy songs with my friend Cheval Sombre. He has released a couple of folky albums that I really like.
ROP: Being in a band with your wife sounds like a lot of fun. Does the feeling of having someone that close on stage change the feeling of your performance?
DW: We are used to it now, but at first it was pretty intense, even distracting. Being in a band is not always fun but I definitely like having my wife there.
ROP: What are some of your favorite albums?
DW;  Nina Simone Here Comes the Sun

         The Clash Sandinista
         New Order Movement

 ROP: Finally, what do you enjoy when you’re not touring, writing, rehearsing, etc?

DW: I enjoy reading history books, playing Ping Pong, staying up late listening to music. And I am susceptible to watching baseball or football on TV. I will even watch golf.

ROP: Thank you once again for collaborating with Rock On Philly! We look forward to your show in April!


Boot & Saddle is located at 1131 S Broad St and is easily accessible via Septa’s Broad Street Line at the Ellsworth-Federal Station.

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