The GoAround at Legendary Dobbs on 4/5!

Alex and Anthony Saddic, aka The GoAround, play a brand of power pop and alternative rock for fans of diverse acts like Switchfoot, The Fray, and Muse. I had the chance to catch up with them about their upcoming show on Saturday, April 5th at 8pm at The Legendary Dobbs on South Street.

So, tell Philly a little bit about The GoAround. Who are you? What are you all about?

We are a rock band from the suburbs (except our drummer who lives in North East Philadelphia). Our goal is to display impressive musicality and to use lyrics to leave a lasting impression in the minds of our audience. We strive to create songs that are fun, catchy, and meaningful. Most of our tunes promote independent thought, open mindedness and acceptance.

Awesome, is this your first time playing in the city?

Not at all! We were born and raised locally, so this is our home and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Dobbs is a great venue, though it’s changed names over the years, it has always held a special feel and it’s right in the middle of everything down on South Street. In fact, it’s one of my favorite venues in Philly. Do you have any favorite venues?

Being from West Chester, most of our favorite venues are in Philly, such as the Troc, Electric Factory, Dobbs… etc… there are so many. Our favorite venue in West Chester, The Note, unfortunately is closing its doors this month.

Tell the readers what to expect when they come out and see you Saturday.

Expect a good amount of energy, positive vibes and a great time! We also love the people of Philly, so expect new friends, as we are likely to introduce ourselves and hang out while you’re around!

Any last words for the Rock on Philly readers?

Thanks for being the greatest city in the world! Rock on Philly!

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