Album Review: Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

Cloud Nothings is an indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio that recently released their fourth full length album Here and Nowhere Else. The band is composed of vocalist and guitarist Dylan Baldi, drummer Jayson Gerycz, and bassist TJ Duke. Cloud Nothings has had its fair share of releases, and this latest release is distinct mix of emo, punk, and lo-fi that stands as on its own as one united piece.

Baldi’s adaptive vocal style is notable right off the bat on “Now Here In,” singing quick verses, saying “I go outside and see all these things that should be real / Come on you’re a part of it / Can you play / but can you feel?” and catchy choruses, “I can feel your pain / and I feel alright about it”. His voice gets grittier on songs like “Quieter Today” and “Psychic Trauma” while still maintaining the indie rock and lo-fi influence that keeps him somewhat upbeat. The latter song relaxes to start, before picking up the pace out of nowhere with a huge layer static fuzz. Baldi screams “I can’t believe what you’re telling me is true / My mind is always wasted listening to you to” and the song ends with the band slamming on all their instruments until total chaos ensues. The next song, “Just See Fear,” keeps this maniac and emo mood going, with top-of-his-lungs yelling along more infectious hooks. The blend of upbeat and angry comes across as genuine, the vocals and every instrument cycle around the human spectrum of emotion with a sense of fury. A lot of the songs start off apathetic until the band peels band the layers to show their real feelings, most notably on “No Thoughts”. Baldi sings “You don’t really seem to care and I don’t even talk about it” throughout the song, but towards the ends he yells it in a way that shows how truly pissed off he has been the whole time, with the added explosive sound blaring from the talented three piece. Other displays of raw emotion are present on “Giving Into Seeing,” where Baldi screams things like “I’m losing it” and “Swallow!” and the instrumental work gets really grungy. “I’m Not Part Of Me” rounds out the album well, showcasing the genre-transcending sound that these guys have created that has the added value of intelligible lyrics.

This band is raw, and blends together a few genres in a unique and hard-rocking way. They are not afraid to yell and get in your face with how angry or upset they are about anything. Their sound seems to pull from Nirvana, The Strokes, and Jimmy Eat World. Definitely give a listen to their latest album, especially if you’ve never heard of this band.

I am pretty bummed I slept on this band and missed their show at Union Transfer this past Thursday 4/10. Keep a look out on their Facebook and website for more tour dates. Listen to Here and Nowhere Else on Spotify and order it here. Also, keep an eye out for the forthcoming Cloud Nothings & Wavves album.

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