Album Review: Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once

Australian pop goddess Kylie Minogue released her twelfth studio album Kiss Me Once on March 14th through Parlophone Records. The album is full of energy, sex appeal, and vibrancy you expect from stepping into a hot night club. Kylie Minogue has been pumping out club hits since the 80’s and she stays true to her dance-pop origin. With featured artists including Enrique Iglesias and Karen Poole of Alisha’s Attic, there’s plenty of variety and oomph in Kiss Me Once.

The first track, “Into the Blue,” kicks off the album with extremely fun vibes with freeing lyrics and catchy beats. If this song isn’t playing at Voyeur or Woody’s already, you’ll be sure to hear it soon. Sex is the most referenced theme throughout the album. With songs like “Sexy Love,” “Sexercize,” and “Les Sex,” you can expect without listening to the songs that the album is going to be a little more rated-R. Other artists such as Beyonce and Miley Cyrus have come out recently with tremendously successful albums with heavily sexual content. Kylie Minogue gets on that trend deliberately and with extreme force.

Kiss Me Once” is a super catchy love song. The lyrics are strikingly simple, with the chorus lines “Kiss me once/ And you will watch me fall…kiss me twice/And I will give you my all.” The simple lyrics make each song reach a wider audience range and it works with the cute, up-tempo melody. Love ballad “Beautiful” features Enrique Iglesias in his best style. His tender crooning in harmony with Kylie Minogue’s angelic song is truly beautiful. The song about long-lasting love is perfect for a wedding for a fun couple, followed by other dance tracks on this album.

After decades in the pop music business, Kylie Minogue still puts out good, fun music and Kiss Me Once reminded her fans of that four years after her previous album Aphrodite. The beats and lyrics are very relevant today, and even younger listeners without knowledge of her older songs will be into this album, as long as they’re into the dance club scene. Her international success has continued to spread and may her reign in the club scene never end.


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