Album Review: Meg Myers – Make A Shadow

It’s hard to say exactly what genre Meg Myers is working in. Her music has hints of noisepop, femme rock, synthpop, and in one or two of her older songs a dash of house. With so many different flavors to work with, it’s no surprise that Myers’ 2014 EP Make A Shadow shifts dramatically from song to song — from the synthpop opener “Desire” to the femme rock “Go” to the rock balladMake A Shadow” to the noisepopHeart Heart Head” to the considerably chilled-out “The Morning After“. Both “Desire” and “Heart Heart Head” have been formerly released as singles, but they fit nicely on this EP, cinching the loose ends together to make for a cohesive collection of songs that show off Myers’ prowess all the more.

Myers’ 2012 debut EP Daughter in the Choir is a fun romp through all the phases of Myers’ sounds and moods, but Make A Shadow really takes the songwriting up a notch and adds even more variety. Opening track “Desire” has been her best single to date, a complex, growly track that toes the line between menacing and intriguing. The song shifts through moods that keep it exciting the whole way through, and make it the perfect opening track. Second track “Go” kicks things up a level with a mood that at first matches “Desire” but rips into thrilling femme rock by the chorus, the most guitar-heavy section of the song that features few lyrics — just Myers chanting “go” twice. Lyrically, the song is fairly bare, but the focus on musicality over lyric meaning is a surprising and appealing choice. Title track “Make A Shadow” is the closest to a rock ballad Myers has ever come, and it’s unfortunately the weak link of the EP. The affectation of her voice in the chorus feels artificial, but the underlying guitar and beat are as tight and fitting as any of her other songs. Unless a slower track has the intensity of “Desire”, Myers falls short in these ballad-esque tracks, much like “After You” on Daughter in the Choir.

The power amps up again with “Heart Heart Head,” a slow burn that bursts into some excellent noisepop by the final chorus. Final track “The Morning After” slows things down without falling back into ballad territory. This acoustic song is a refreshing finish after the rock, power, and occasional screamo of the rest of the EP. It’s got the same melancholy vibe as the rest of the EP but has a controlled, tight focus that falls in line with artists like The Pierces and Anya Marina.

Make A Shadow takes all that we came to expect from Myers on Daughter in the Choir and plays with each of her areas of musical interest. It’s an exploratory EP, a sample of every style she might have wanted to try, and it’s rather successful. It’s been two year since she dropped her first EP and we can only hope it’s a matter of time before a full Meg Myers LP makes its way onto the scene.

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