Album Review: Pill Friends – fade into nothing

Local emo/punk three-piece Pill Friends recently released a four song EP entitled fade into nothingthat is driven by guitar and a slight ambiance that guides most of the songs into a feeling of being lost a midst apathy and depression. Given the band name and the titles of the songs, you’ll find the lyrics are deep and revealing on top of some chill-yet-raw instruments.

fade into nothing starts off soft and sad with “samael.” This nostalgia-inducing number finds some hope where there seems to be none, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Wilson sings “fade into nothing, do drugs to stay young / cry fake tears for no one, drink christ’s blood to feed your hate / live your life now, don’t care at all / its all ending soon, death will hold you tight”, and the music goes into a beautiful soft jam with added cello and keyboard. “promethazine” beefs up with gang vocals and a heavier beat, and is a somewhat short track that transitions well into “klonopin.” The hooks delivered  by Wilson are awesome on all four songs, but this is where it starts to get really good. The riff drives the song as he sings, with vocals placed well in the mix: “you pretend that you are not alone / inside your empty funeral home / dead inside like your casket / i see you lying there / smoke the tar down in your lungs / only feel to feel so numb.” From there, the track slows down with bass and drums, played by Davis Cook and Kyle Schwander respectively, before Wilson goes into taking the drug that the track takes its name from: “I’ll stab myself in the chest / wont be happy, wont be sad / but oh god its for the best.” The Pill Friends we hear on the final song “pillspillspills” are louder and more in-your-face than they have been on the first three songs. They finally bring out their rage in some furious riffs, smashing drums, even some yelling. It’s a great resolute track to end fade into nothing with. It captures the rage that can come with the level of sadness felt on the first three tracks.

This EP is a solid release from a great local emo band. Pill Friends have definitely made it clear that they can range the spectrum of sad to angry in an original way. Each of these four songs has something different about them, while still maintaining a connecting tone that deals with the imperfections of being human. In addition to the songwriting and performance, Kyle Pulley produced another great-sounding album out of The Headroom.

Download fade into nothing for name-your-own-price on bandcamp.

Image via bandcamp.

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