Magic Man’s Synthrock Rise

Last weekend I had the chance to chat with Magic Man before they took the stage for Penn‘s Spring Fling concert. Their debut EP You Are Here is solid gold synthrock, falling nicely into a genre that is taking off at lightning speed. The band is making an impression, touring with Panic! at the Disco this summer.

ROP: Tell me about that whole process of releasing your EP; how that was letting that drop, and the fan response.

Alex: Well, it dropped at the end of last year and the response has been amazing. We didn’t know what to expect and people have been super supportive. “Paris” has been played on Alt Nation now and watching it climb those charts has been really exciting. And we’re hoping to release our full-length this summer. Been a wild ride.

ROP: I’m really into synthpop and I’m digging where it’s going, so how are you feeling the vibe of synthpop these days?

Alex: Most of our friends’ bands are in that genre, synthpop. We use synth in our music. We call ourselves synthrock, because we like to balance that synth electronic aspect with drums and guitar. Sort of like a rock band just using synth.

ROP: When you’re approaching a song or approaching a new idea, how do you go about that process?

Sam: I guess it depends. Alex and I are sort of the main songwriters in the band. We start a lot of songs with just a drum loop, or a rhythm combined with a guitar part. The one thing that’s really consistent is that the lyrics come last. We’ll come up with a very rough demo and send it to everyone in the group and we’ll add vocals or add any production or things like that and then we kind of build the rest from there.

ROP: In terms of this lineup for Fling, you’ve got Ra Ra Riot and David Guetta. How exciting is that for you to be playing here?

Joey: We just saw Ra Ra Riot’s sound check. Kind of awesome. Very excited to see them. David Guetta is massive. He makes all the hits. Although, honestly, I would never pay to go see him, but it’s going to be super awesome to see him with the lights and everything.

Sam: You’re getting paid to see him.

Joey: I am getting paid to go see him. That’s true. My riser for my drums is about two feet tall. His riser, you break your neck looking up at it.

Justine: Oh my god, that was his riser?

Joey: Yeah, that was his riser.

ROP: Are you playing anything new tonight?

Sam: Yeah, we’ve got a bunch of new songs, including some that we’re playing for maybe the second or third time live. Most of our set is from the EP and some from the upcoming LP.

ROP: Is the LP the only thing that’s next for you? Do you have other big plans?

Joey: World domination.

Alex: Walk the Moon and Panic! at the Disco invited us on tour with them this summer, in July. We’re very excited about that. We’re playing in places we’ve never played before.

Justine: This is the biggest show we’ll have played, and it’s bigger than anything on that tour. So this is huge.

Magic Man went on to play a killer set, effortlessly engaging the 8,000+ crowd, most of whom had never heard of the band before. Check out ROP’s review of the show! We’re looking forward to what’s in store for these guys and await their forthcoming LP anxiously!

Image courtesy of the band’s Facebook.

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